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Posted Sunday, August 9th, 2020 11:57AM

Exeter Township Police DepartmentTRAFFIC ADVISORY/ PROTEST at POLICE Dept.: Today, Sunday 8/9/2020, there will be a Black Lives Matter protest taking place in Exeter Township from 1200 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. The march/protest will start at the Exeter Sr. High School, travel along Reiff Place and Dunham Drive, turn onto Gibraltar Road and conclude at the Exeter Township Police Department. Traffic patterns in the areas of Gibraltar Road and Dunham Drive may be impacted as we provide traffic control and safe passage for protesters. Please use caution when traveling in the area. ... See MoreSee Less


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All lives matter. Putting a color in front of the saying lives matter is racist.

Keep it classy Exeter! Social distance and WEAR A MASK!!!!!!

A group of people walking together not practicing social distancing. Sounds like a great idea.

We can’t open schools as we have to social distance and schools who are opening all kids have to wear masks.. but let’s March all together in a huge group.. oh and let the police protect them despite part of their protest is to defund the police 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

Can we organize a ‘back the blue’ rally?

If everyone wears masks and they're walking as a group peacefully, what's the problem?

What a bunch of clowns

Black lives matter, protesting police brutality, while having the police provide assistance for safe travels on the protest route. Jesus the logic in the country is absurd anymore.

Glad this crap is now on our door step.

While bars,restaurants,others get restrictions to the point they lose their businesses but we can gather in crowds here.This world has lost its mind!

I had no idea so many people in Exeter were racist.

You gotta be kidding me 😡

BLM IS Very peaceful indeed

Lou Berardifyi

Let me know when you needs shirts to BTB! I know Sherriff Weaknecht posted an event later this month

The financier of BLM AND ANTIFA

This shit needs to stay out of the burbs!!!

Nice move...right through a residential area! Not Smart! 🤬

I better be able to leave work & go home or this girl is going to be pissed!

Love how all the hateful comments are from people that don’t even live in Exeter! #blacklivesmatter!

If I lived on dunham I would be on my front porch with multiple guns.. oh and a Trump shirt

BLM is a Marxist political group masquerading as a civil rights organization.

Thank you for the heads up. I was planning on heading to Exeter, but I will stay home today.

How about a blm March in Chicago! If they really gave a shit that’s where they would march!! Till then it’s just people looking for attention!

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Posted Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 11:42PM

BREAKING: Exeter's 100% virtual learning plan for the first nine weeks has passed with 6 votes. For the rest of the board, one member voted against the plan, one member abstained, and one member was absent. ... See MoreSee Less


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Good Decision Exeter!

Thank you for the breaking news!! You are a Patriot! 🇺🇸😷😎🇺🇸😎😷

How can any of the board members be "absent"? Esp during a time like this

Proud of our school board tonight:)

Easy for people who dont have kids in school anymore to say good news. But alot of parents disagree with the decision as well so

Great. So now we figure out which one of us parents gets to quit work so we can stay home? Anyone know a number I can call that will help pay my bills now that one of us has to be home. We dont have the luxury of one of us staying home. Unlike some people.

It's totally against working parents

How the hell do you abstain?

The asynchronous periods are a joke. Can any parent truly see a K-6 child working independently and staying on task without supervision of parent or teacher? This will make the working parent a teacher all day. When they too should be WFH.

I guess we will see how this works. I have my doubts but we will do our best 🤷‍♀️At least I will be home for the majority of the “school day”. Good luck to all you parents working full time!

So are the school buses not running so they are out of work also?

Tony Batista already done

Is there a breakdown of which board members voted which way?

I hope their going to bus my kids to their practices after "school"

Teachers juggle lots of things in a day.

How about the kids with iep and special classes? Ur taking that away from them! No child left behind my ass! Further more what a out the high school kids that go to votech? I cant take off work to run them back n forth and school my younger one and work 40 hrs.!

I would just like to say this to all the parent in Exeter and even parents outside our district and in their own district. Voting for your school board officials is just as important as voting for your local government as it is your President. I ran for the Exeter school board about a year ago and I noticed a lot of people complained outside of meetings at games at school events, etc. But you didnt show up to a school board meeting to raise hell. Some of you didnt even vote and now you get to reap the benefits of those choices. I'd also like to add that you should be aware of those who run for office and their expenses paid for by the union. Rather than someone who paid out of their own pocket, and was never approached by the union at all. Im neither bitter or upset. Im mad as hell that as parents and tax payers, our voices have little to no effect on anything. Some of you are ok with this and many of us are not. Your reasons don't make ours wrong or vice versus. It would be nice if we were heard? I mean after all. We do pay for all of it. The school, the salaries, the pensions, everything. Remember this come the next elections. Thats all I am suggesting

Thank you for sharing the results.

Proud of our board making the tough decision to put the health of our teachers, students, and community first. This season is temporary, but the long lasting effects of illness may not be. We are a people made to adapt, and our children will see how we respond to this change. I am by no means minimizing the childcare difficulties, but I have had to change my family’s entire childcare arrangements since COVID, and we are taking each change to work and childcare one step at a time.

And Exeter township approved this message

And, are we going to get a break on our taxes??? Of course not, they are going up!!! Such 💩!!! 🙄🥴

For those asking: Hearing against, Fidler abstained, Ahrens absent (vacation) but later joined the workshop meeting and said he supported the superintendent.

So my 6 year old is going to magically sit through 6 hours of online instruction when he cant sit thru a 30 zoom call with preschool! This is so upsetting for working parents!

So, do we get a tax break for those first 9 weeks?

I see both sides of the coin. I watched and listened to Dr. Minor in the video and I thought it was well thought out and presented. The word “risk” was mentioned. Minimize the risk, eliminate the risk. Keeping kids out of school because of Covid does not minimize the risk anymore than school shooting risk has been minimized. For those that feel this will eliminate the risk I ask you all to stay home. Do not go to target, do not go to giant, do not hike on a trail that others might be on and put someone else at risk. Do not expect others to do their job for you. If those that voted in favor can eliminate contact with people, all people, for the next nine weeks then I stand behind the decision. Otherwise it’s just nonsense. I was to believe the risk was already minimized but putting things in place. Guess not. And of course the question it always comes down to...where’s the money. The money for a disciplinarian with no students, school nurse with no students, on and on. I believe that people are sick and dying, no doubt. But the numbers just don’t support this. I wish us all well.

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Posted Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 11:20PM

Exeter EMA: Today's storms damaged Shelbourne Road (Kerr to Constitution) and Painted Sky Road (Near Trout Run). It is unclear when these roads will re-open and may remain closed for tomorrow's (Wednesday) morning commute. Please see for updates. ... See MoreSee Less


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Kim Hasson

would be nice at the intersection of Shelbourne and 422 to have a sign stating its closed at Wingspread, so if your tying to go further down, you don't have to turn around and go all the way back to 422.

Where’s my tax refund. My tax dollars paid to use Shelboure road 365 days a year.

Shelbourne is a state maintained rd, call Penndot.

You guys know these roads flood and you still don’t do anything about them is are tax dollars to fix them the right way this shit should not be happening every time it rains

Sandra Gerhart

I vote we raise the entire road six feet off the ground. That aughta do it.

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Posted Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 7:17PM

The virtual learning plan for Exeter Township School District will be presented at the Curriculum Committee meeting today, Tuesday, August 4th at 5pm. The meeting will be live on YouTube at

The full virtual learning plan is available at is the official video stream of the online Curriculum Committee of the Exeter Township School District School Board for August 4, 2020. Questions/commen...
... See MoreSee Less

Video image


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At this point some older kids want to be in school. Mine does. This really set her back emotionally.

Open the damn schools up no different than a f****** kid having a flu or lice or bed bugs these guys don't go through these precautions when you have any of these come up you just send a letter home or email or a phone call stating that somebody had the flu or bed bugs or lice in the classroom and to check your child so why can't we do the same damn thing for the Coronavirus

Children need social interaction. All this nonsense for a virus with 99.9% survival rate. My kids are sick and tired of being home too.

What if the people who pay for the school, and pay the teachers and pay the administration actually had a say in what happens for their kids? That would be amazing!

I don't see the schools paying for somebody to come to my house and watch my child so she can do virtual learning while I go to work. open up the school so the people that do work and can't come home for the whole day while their kid does virtual learning or send us checks to pay for babysitters. There's a reason why most parents send their kids to a freaking public school or any type of school is because that is their form of daycare while they're at work.

I already know how this meeting is going to go....

Not sure how it’s safe enough for day care to be open but not school. Either it’s not safe and day care should be closed, or it is safe, and both should be open.

I know everyone has diff views and I am not knocking anyone personally...however, having said that...the virus is said to have a 99% survival rate...are any of the children worth the 1%? Who ever wants to place their child in that 1%, by all means do family is worth more, so Im happy with the decision...I would rather they be upset with not socializing than to never socialize again...wont gamble with the life of my loved ones regardless of any reason..just my own feelings on the matter

I would like to see teachers working from their classrooms instead of at home. They would naturally be social distanced and in a safe position to teach. All of their resources would be available. Let’s use the buildings for our staff even if students cannot attend.I also appreciate school districts that implemented virtual teaching dress codes as well as required teachers to be available the entire school day. My kids had too many teacher videos and zoom meetings with teachers on their sofas in hoodies with kids running around in the background. They also had teachers who only posted 2 hours of “office time” for an entire week.

Virtual vs in-person aside...I think we should look at adding a break in the day that is consistent for all children below HS level. Lots of families with multiple GS ages that could use a common lunch/recess time, as well as a longer screen break for all kids. Just my two cents

Someone in this group has all the answers! Sheeesh.

I have watched adults who don’t understand the meaning of social distancing and wearing a mask.. how can you expect the kids to.. and if they did that would be great!! Maybe they could teach some of the parents. However, why put a child in that situation.

Classroom learning it essential

My kids Goto the Morgan school in which they are offering a program there I believe. I pay over 650$ week for 3 kids. But even has sitters for 35$ day

Was on the fence about sending her but she really wants to go and is not a good online student. So, totally unsure how this virtual school is going to work with working full time. All virtual schools I looked at required a full time parent to watch over them. Then saw were dealing with the crumby schoology again. It better be 100x better than the crap we saw in the spring.

This is why there won’t be any in person school until there’s a vaccine . Back to school in Georgia

I’m glad most stay at home moms are happy with this. How about a single parent that has to work! Now you raise school taxes and tell people to pay for year round daycare?

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