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The Exeter Informant produces content for a geographically concentrated area, providing you the best advertising value when targeting local audiences for your organization or business.

We utilize a CPM online ad model. The prices listed below are the cost per 1,000 impressions of your advertisement with the exception of our newsletter, welcome splash, and branded content pricing. Send email to if you are interested in placing an advertisement.

Website Sidebar 
1: 300×100 3:1 Rectangle

Website Sidebar 1: 300×250 Medium Rectangle

Website Sidebar 1: 300×600 Halfpage Ad

Website Embedded Content: 300×250 Medium Rectangle

Website Header Leaderboard: 728×90 Desktop and 320×50 Mobile 

Website Footer Leaderboard: 970×90 Desktop, 728×90 Tablet and 320×50 Mobile

Site-wide Welcome Splash Ad: 600×600 Desktop and 300×300 Mobile
$100 per week

Weekly Newsletter: 300×250 Medium Rectangle or 160×600 Wide Skyscraper
$25 per week

Facebook Sponsored Content Post
$50 per post

Branded Content
$0.20 per pageview
$0.10 per video view


1 Sidebar ads will show different depending on device:

  • Desktop: Fully visible for screen width greater than 960px
  • Tablet: Ad appears in collapsible menu adjacent to content on a mobile device with screen width between 480px and 960px
  • Smartphone: Ad appears below content when viewing on a mobile device with screen width lower than 480px